What are Electric Hydrofoils?

Electric Hydrofoils, or Efoils, are battery-powered flying surfboards from the future, and quite possibly the greatest toy ever made. A propellor-driven hydrofoil attached to a carbon fiber board lifts riders to an effortless glide above the water’s surface. Waves and chop disappear as you rise out of the water supported only by the lift generated by the airplane-shaped hydrofoil.

These electrically powered boards allow riders to fly above the surface of the water and carve sweeping, buttery smooth turns at up to 30mph. The batteries last between 60 and 120 minutes depending on rider size, skill, board size, and wing size.

Surfing the Skies utilizes Lift eFoils, the original electric hydrofoils. We are also an official affiliate of Lift, and can help you pick a board/mast/wing combination that suits you perfectly. Lift proudly manufactures their eFoils by hand 100% in the United States.

To learn more about these incredible devices, please visit the eFoil portion of lift's website